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Hey Y'all!

What is Biblically Blonde? 

Biblically Blonde was created in 2017 with just a dream and an Iphone. My name is Lacey Charles and I created Biblically Blonde to help myself and other women better understand Gods word. Before God lead me to create Biblically Blonde, I earned a history degree from the University of Indianapolis and worked as a reference and research librarian upon graduation.  My passion for research and history lead me to my love for Biblical Studies. Years later I felt God calling me to create my first Youtube Video with nothing but an Iphone and my personal testimony. Biblically Blonde was born and along with it, a passion to share Gods word with others in a simple yet meaningful way. The Bible can be hard to understand and intimidating but through Biblically Blonde, we can know God's word and apply it to our lives more than ever before. 



On a personal note, I love all things pink, girly, and blonde. I dream of running a marathon and one day visiting Hawaii. When I’m not working you can typically find me having dessert with my husband, caring for our daughter, or binge-watching Friends. 




What we Believe:


Biblically Blonde believes all scripture has been given divine authority by God. (2 Timothy 3:16) It is God’s revelation about Himself to man. We believe salvation is a gift from God that is not earned but rather granted by God’s Grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, alone.

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